Neurotoxins: Botox® and Xeomin®

Want to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines? 

Botox® and Xeomin® are FDA approved products that are injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) and the side of eyes (crow’s feet).  Frown lines form when facial expressions cause the muscles under the skin to contract.  Over time, as your skin ages, these repeated expressions cause lasting frown lines. Similarly, squinting causes the muscles on the sides of the eyes to contract and cause crow’s feet.

Both Botox® and Xeomin® injections are simple, yet provide transforming effects that are noticeable in a few days and can typically last three to four months.  The Center for Facial Cosmetics has been using these products for many years with great results.  You do not have to look frozen or mask-like with Botox or Xeomin.  The desired effect, or the extent to which the muscles relax, can be customized by a physician knowledgeable about facial anatomy.  For this reason, injections performed in our office are performed exclusively by our Board-Certified facial contouring physicians.

Botox® and Xeomin® Willimantic

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