Brow Lifts/Eyelid Surgery

Brow Lifts and Eyelid Surgery

The experienced surgeons at the Center for Facial Cosmetics offer Brow Lifts and Eyelid Surgery.

We will work closely with you to determine which option is appropriate for your condition. In some cases, we find excess skin in the upper eyelids. In others, the eyebrows have lowered in position. If the eyebrows are low, a brow lift may be suitable. If the eyebrows are well-positioned, eyelid surgery can be performed.

Our experienced physicians will work closely with you to help you determine the right course for your needs and preferences. We will develop a personal, customized program that will help ensure the highest-quality results.

Eyelid surgery

A proven method for the removal of excessive skin and repositioning of fat for upper and lower eyelids, eyelid surgery gives a rejuvenated appearance to the area around the eye. We can help you achieve rested and alert look.

Eyelid Surgery in Connecticut

Brow lift

For patients with drooping eyebrows, our surgeons provide corrective measures that can result in a smoother brow and a more youthful expression. Loose skin is tightened and excess is removed. Forehead wrinkling and drooping brows are modified and lifted, with minimal recovery time.

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