Rhinoplasty/Ear Contouring

Rhinoplasty and ear contouring

If you are considering surgical correction of your nose or ears, the physicians at The Center for Facial Cosmetics provide rhinoplasty as well as ear contouring. We perform these surgical procedures on an outpatient basis.


Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure that corrects deformities of the external nose. In a rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside the rim of the nostrils. Occasionally, a short incision across the skin between the nostrils is required as well. The soft tissues of the nose are then carefully separated from the underlying cartilage and bone. Offending structures are removed, and the remaining cartilage and bones are reshaped.

There are multiple ways to perform a rhinoplasty. Our experienced surgeons will select the best approach, given your condition, and work closely with you to ensure the highest-quality results.

Rhinoplasty Before
Rhinoplasty After

Ear contouring

Patients who wish to resize or reshape their ears can undergo otoplasty surgery. If the ears protrude more than normal, they can be repositioned closer to the head. This method of surgery resets the patients' ears to a more natural position.

Ear Contouring Before
Ear Contouring After

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